Smart Office

The Smart Office app by UK based Picsel sells at the Google Play store for $9.99. A lite version of the program may be downloaded at no cost. This allows the Android owner to view documents and try the editing features of the full version but does not allow the user to actually save the document once changes are made.


Now known as Smart Office 2, the Smart Office app provides the user with the ability to start new documents using one of several pre-embedded templates. He may also choose to sort his already existing files by date, size, type or name.

Once the editing interface has been pulled up the app offers the usual basic functionality to read and manipulate all versions of Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel files since the 1997 version of Microsoft Office.

The editing interface allows the user to style his text by establishing font variations as well as font size settings and he may use the bold, italic and underline style settings. The user can format using a list, color the text and establish justification parameters. He may also insert images and shapes to add a styling element to the document creation process. The user may also undo and redo document changes.

Smart Office users are provided with the ability to export their document into PDF format and can print directly from the app to a large number of wireless printers.


In the past this app has drawn criticism for failing to incorporate features such as a word counter. Past versions of the app’s editing interface have also been described as being clunky for the writer to manipulate.

Cool Features

Smart Office also contains a cool feature that allow the app's user interface to automatically adapt based on whether the Android device is a phone or a tablet. It attempts to take advantage of the Android’s rendering by allowing a writer to make his document’s formatting features stand out as if they were in 3D. It works like this. The writer taps a 3D button from the app’s toolbar. Formatting features such as bold text subsequently appear to have a third dimension.

This app clearly attempts to be innovative with the inclusion of a news feed inside of app’s dashboard.

Writers attempting to view or edit long documents will appreciate the app’s page flow feature. Page flow presents the writer with a series of thumbnails representing each of a document’s pages. By tapping the thumbnail of his choice a writer may go directly to that page.


Smart Office incorporates DropBox and Google Docs integration with its file management system. Users can use Dropbox or Google Docs to host documents edited inside of the Smart Office app.

Reviews of Smart Office

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Smart Office Logo

#7. Smart Office

Developer: Picsel
Price: $9.99
OS: Phone